He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tāngata, he tāngata, he tāngata.

What is the most important thing in the world?
​It is people, it is people, it is people.



The Pounamu manawa (greenstone heart) is at the centre of our framework and acknowledges the inherent beauty, mana and potential of our natural resources.  When pounamu is crafted (shaped, carved, polished), it transforms into an even more prized taonga (gift).  When we work with clients, it is our belief that they too can discover the taonga that is within them, to recognise and fully develop their potential.

​The Ako framework illustrates the values that EDJE embed into our practice. 
​We value the central tenet of Ako (teaching and learning) as the ability to form collaborative, reciprocal relationships where reflection, growth and refinement occurs for both the client, but also ourselves.  


The surrounding mātāpono (principles) are whakamana, kotahitanga, whakapono and manaakitanga.


Surrounding the mātāpono are additional pillars that ground our practice to relevant frameworks, contexts and communities to bring about successful outcomes for individual and organisations.


- Whanaungatanga: interconnected relationships;
- Koha: the reciprocal act of gifting and receiving what is needed;
- Āhurutanga:  physical, emotional and spiritual safety;
- Mauri ora: holistic wellbeing



Acknowledges individuals as experts of themselves and thus, the birth place of the taonga within. We welcome the diversity of each individual as they begin a journey of growth to fully develop their potential.



Is demonstrated by our commitment to ethical practice when coaching and training, and ensuring we are up to date with current research, attend regular Professional Development and are members of affiliated training bodies.



Is the warm, respectful and non-judgemental space in which EDJE conducts our training and coaching, offering clients a sense of belonging and connection as they build awareness and understanding of how to thrive.



Is the shared language and framework of strengths that celebrates the complexity, diversity and uniqueness of individuals offering greater understanding of how to collaborate and build complementary teams.


"I am now conscious and aware of my strengths.  I use my strengths to achieve a better quality of life.  My self esteem continues to grow." - DT

"​I have more appreciation for my strengths and am less inhibited to accept myself for who I am!" - Deepti S

"The one on one coaching ​I had was absolutely amazing helped me realize how much I use my strengths in my day to day life​" - Joanne R

"Now I am conscious of them [my strengths]. And in this I have gained a lot of extra confidence." - Rebekah W

"Amazing I learnt so much and it helped clarify how the strengths can help me with the future" - Client

"Amazing session, great learning tools.  Wonderful lady, I feel very uplifted." - MH

"Helped me significantly during a recent issue at my work.  I've been able to actively work through with others based on what I've learned about myself." - Lisa G

"The coach put a lot of preparation into the session & it was tailored..for me.  It was the best coaching/mentoring session I have exprienced." - SP

"Using the strengths in my life, sharing with others, having a better life.  I strongly believe every person will benefit in some way from EDJE that will help them too." - Emily N

Our Journey

As a human race, we are hard-wired to embrace social connection, which is enacted through the relationships we engage in.

Our journey in the fields of education, nursing, management and volunteering in community organisations in service to others, has led us to believe that rich reciprocal relationships are the birth-place for collaboration and self-determination in the pursuit of mauri-ora (well-being).

We help people to find their own potential and identify their own strengths in order to evolve, empower and enrich their lives.

We utilise the CliftonStrengths tool as a vehicle for this self-discovery.

Meet our team


A natural study of people, processes and systems, offering solutions for best next steps and catalyst for inspiring action and reflection.

Elise Anderson

CO-Director  PH: 0211706343

Known as a vibrant and engaging facilitator, with a specialty in Supervision, she excels at connecting what matters and motivates people, helping translate learning into action and enhanced performance.

Elise brings the research and training together illustrating that relationships and a strengths-based approach are key to engagement, nourishing workplaces and greater well-being, in bespoke training or coaching programmes.

Drive, creativity, growth and authenticity are qualities she brings to help teams and individuals to inspire change, build resilience and thrive.

Reg Tch, Dip Primary Tch; Grad Dip Curriculum, Learning and Assessment; Post Grad Dip ECE; Dip Adult Tch
​Accredited CliftonStrengths® Coach Top 5, Trained Full 34; Cert Professional Supervision in the Workplace

Signature Strengths: Connectedness - Activator - Adaptability - Strategic - Restorative


CO-Director  PH: 02102258425

It brings me joy to see my clients flourish and see their confidence grow when they know they are on the right path.

Reknowned for bringing positive energy, compassion and offer insightful reflection.  She builds on diverse experiences in IT, management and mentoring with current learnings to connect and engage with a variety of clients.

BComm & Admin (VUW)
NZ Cert Adult & Tertiary Training (currently studying)
Accredited CliftonStrengths® Coach Top 5,
Trained Full 34, Team & Partnership with Strengths Network South Pacific.

Treasurer for Youthdance Education Trust since 2011.


A warm and engaging coach, facilitator and trainer, who loves working with clients seeking clarity in their work roles and coaches who want to uplevel their business.

Signature Strengths: Relator - Empathy - Communication - Arranger - WOO - Adaptability


EDJE uses the CliftonStrengths® assessment tool as it best describes our uniqueness and complexity.


EDJE uses the CliftonStrengths® assessment tool as it best describes our uniqueness and complexity.