Do you feel like whatever you say is

Learn strength-based tools & strategies to go from
frustrated to flourishing.


You come along and relax with a wine or coffee, 
 enjoy the interactive tools and resources as we explore the following topics:

◊ Understand strengths as the DNA of how we think/feel/act; 
 illustrating the diversity of strengths and the basis of how they are developed.
◊ Strengths as compelling motivators; learning to strengths spot for your children.
◊ Brain states and emotion; appreciating the impact on behaviour.
◊ Reframing behaviour; applying a strength lens to interpret and respond to your childs behaviour and needs.


Parenting for Primary Aged
​7 - 9pm 
Monday 26 August 
Cost: $23.50

Parenting for Teens
​7 - 9pm 
Monday 9 September
Cost: $23.50

The Strength-Based parenting workshops have been designed by the EDJE Strengths team. As qualified and experienced educators and strengths coaches they weave the latest research from neuroscience, growth mindsets and positive psychology together so you can move from frustrated to

5 stars! I would highly recommend workshops with EDJE; stimulating, informative and fun.

Loved the activities and sharing of ideas and thoughts, very informative.

Very interesting and engaging workshop, with active participation and fun activities.

Painted Hands-Sharon McCutcheon